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Join us for dinner and a meeting with Bonnie Beresford & Paul Flynn:

"Performance By Design"

"Where do we begin with training? Where will I get the most bang for my buck?"

These questions are frequently asked of performance consultants as clients and stakeholders try to decide how to best spend precious training resources. Everyone has an opinion on what will bring results, but few have a scientific method to target identified, quantified performance gaps. 

"What will we learn?"

During this important session, Bonnie and Paul will share an award-winning methodology that will help you zero in on and address performance gaps. Specifically, they will share how to:

  • Apply a "performance mapping" strategy to describe what high performers do
  • Interpret a Gap Assessment to identify and prioritize performance gaps
  • Conduct an activity that identifies the numerous factors affecting performance


About These Speakers

An industry-recognized human capital strategist, performance consultant, and author, Bonnie Beresford has over 20 years of experience in human performance improvement.

Her hallmark is linking investments in people to measurable business outcomes. This business impact work has been recognized by CLO, ATD, and Brandon Hall. Bonnie holds a Ph.D. in human capital management from Bellevue University and an MBA from Wayne State University. She is a regular presenter at ISPI’s annual conference, and has served on both the Michigan and the international boards of directors.


As a Training and Performance Consultant, Paul Flynn has been a key strategist in transforming major training organizations from mere providers of training to industry-recognized leaders. His work has contributed to clients winning prestigious awards including ATD’s Excellence in Practice Award and Brandon Hall’s Excellence in Learning Award. 

He has helped private schools in the United States and Canada to improve academic performance and teacher training. He has also been a speaker both locally and internationally for ISPI and at the National Consultants for Education's annual Summer Institute.

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