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Finding Our Thrive Zone

February 15, 2018
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
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The Management Education Center
811 West Square Lake Road
Troy, MI 48098

Finding Our Thrive Zone

With Lianne Bridges (MBA) Founder, Designing Transformation Productions

Uncover the blueprint for optimizing employee performance in terms of excellence, customer satisfaction, innovation and growth.

For individuals and leaders to step into their potential and perform at their highest level, there are five core thrive principles that need to be adhered to:

  • Purpose
  • Community
  • Direction
  • Mastery
  • Practice


The objective of this session is to understand that through greater insight into and alignment with the factors such as Purpose, Community, Master, Direction and Practice, leaders can tap into peak performance as well as greater job satisfaction and retention.

We will discuss the importance for leaders to better understand these thrive principles and how to shape job / work assignments and supportive systems to maximize the use of employees’ greatest talents and passions.

We achieve our peak performance when we are aligned with our purpose, reach self mastery and apply those skills to generate personal, team and organizational value. 

About the speaker

Lianne Bridges received a classical business training at Canada’s prestigious schools: University of Western Ontario (BA) and the Rotman School of Management (MBA).

For two decades, she worked in the corporate world serving multi-nationals like Unilever,Nabisco and United Technologies, including the global not-for- profit organization – PlanInternational.

For the past eighteen years, Lianne has been an entrepreneur — startingand leading a variety of highly successful ventures.

Lianne’s proprietary ThriveZone process combines 30 years of business and
entrepreneurial experience and training with the latest developments in leadership and the human potential movement.



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