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The Power of Storytelling

October 19, 2017
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
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The Management Education Center
811 West Square Lake Road
Troy, MI 48098

 Join ISPI-Michigan for dinner and a story...

The power of storytelling: Creating impactful learning and driving human performance

Join Master Storytellers Josef Bastian and Carl Winans as they share their vision and real examples of how learning and human performance can be shaped through stories.

In his book, “Tell Me A Story,” Roger Shank concluded that “human memory is story-based.”

As he points out: “The importance of storytelling in human learning-and hence also the importance of oral histories-has been demonstrated in projects to program computers to create stories. Human beings store a large amount of information in story format. This information is not verbal, but situational. 

This is a profoundly startling conclusion for a society that tends to think that the answer to every problem is more data.

Stories, then, according to the research in artificial intelligence are fundamental to how people learn and organize what they know. This relationship between stories and learning is largely unrecognized.

Stories have the power to help us all learn, grow and communicate in very meaningful ways.

Please join Carl and Josef as they share how they are creating meaningful, experiential learning through their books, graphic novels, films and even virtual reality!



Bastian and Winans, already experts in instructional design and new media development, started their company, Folkteller LLC, with a simple vision - they believe that stories have the power to change the world and are meant to be shared.

Their mission is to create and promote storytelling experiences that encourage people to engage through the reading, writing and experiencing the telling of tales. 

Carl Winans Josef Bastian



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