Who Belongs to ISPI?

Performance and instructional technologists, training specialists, change agents, human resource practitioners, and local academicians are members of ISPI Michigan. Our members are internal practitioners and independent consultants in a wide variety of settings including business, industry, health services, universities, banking, and governmental agencies. Membership in this professional association is open to any individual interested in our purpose and willing to support our vision and mission.

Current Board Openings:

(email [email protected] if interested)

VP - Programs

EssentialFunctions and Tasks
• Works with Board to set schedule of programs for the comingyear.
• Communicates withthe program presenters onbehalf of the Board, makingpractical arrangements for travel,
accommodations, and program requirements withthe presenter.
• Participates indevelopment of the 12-monthplanfor Programs, includingspeakers and sites. Reviews cost vs. revenue
with Board for budget.
• Provides monthly speakers withtemplate togatherprogram informationat least three weeks prior to event.
• Submits template to VP –Communications regardingspeakers for publicity, website, etc.
• Submitnecessary informationto VP of Communications regardingspeakers for publicity, website, etc.
• Monitors ISPI Website to ensure count for meetings and communicates to Board and venues.
• Participate insuccessionplanningand transitionfor incoming VP of Programs

Position Requirements
• Participates in Board PlanningSession
• Participates in Monthly Board Meetings
• Attends membership meetings and special events or arranges for backup
• Access to email, internet, and phone
• Networks to increase membership and volunteers
• Maintains ISPI Michigan Membership

Position-specific Competencies
● Program CoordinationSkills
● CommunicationSkills
● Ability to be Proactive
● Problem Solving


VP - Membership

EssentialFunctions and Tasks
• Recruitsnew members and encourages renewal of expiring memberships
• Reports membership status at monthly Board meetings andquarterly to ISPI International
• Oversees and maintains the MembershipContent Manager inStar Chapter.
• Responds to requests for assistance with member records as well as other inquiries by Chapter members
• Greets and welcomes members and other attendees at ChapterEvents
• Works inliaison with VP of Marketingin member recruitment initiatives
• Collaborates with Board onideas for Annual Membership Drive
• Coordinates Annual Membership Drive

Position Requirements
• Participates in Board planningsession
• Participates in monthly Board sessions
• Attends Chapter meetings
• Networks to increase membership
• Maintains ISPI Michigan membership

Position-specific Competencies:
• Writtenand verbal communicationskills
• Organizationskills/Time management
• Working Knowledge ofStar Chapter
• Project management



EssentialFunctions and Tasks
• Assists President indeterminingstrategy and strategy implementation
• Identifies and secures volunteers as requested by Board members
• Conducts annual Fall election, collaborates with President onspecialprojects
• Prepares to assume thepresidency
• Communicates requests and decisions, facilitates communicationamongboard members
• Ensures boardhandbook isup to date and ready to be shared at the beginningof the year

Position Requirements
• Participates in Board planningsessions
• Participates in monthly Board meetings (10 months)
• Keeps minutes of monthly Board meetings
• Participates inChapter meetings,networks to increase membership and volunteers
• Maintains ISPI Michiganand ISPI memberships
• Understandingof the ISPI organization, the strategy, the directionat the international level and the overall context
• Knows andunderstand ISPI-MI inorder to support overall visionand mission

Position-specific Competencies:
• Public speaking, strategy development, leadership